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Whether you are saving for your retirement or investing for profit, it's a good idea to keep an eye on gold. Investors flee to the “safe haven” of gold when they fear turbulence in the markets, thus driving the gold price up, making it a good gauge of the level of risk in the economy. In other words, an increasing gold price is an alert that investments which depend on market growth may be in danger. Also, the gold price typically surges when some of this macroeconomic risk materializes and markets crash. Even if your stocks and funds drop, gold can offset the losses (provided gold is present in your investment mix). Therefore, it's good to keep gold in mind.

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I don't see the point. My savings are safe. I don't trust gold. Isn't gold another fad hyped by brokers? I'd like to invest in a crisis-proof asset. I'd like to insure my pension plan and investments against market crashes.
I know a lot about gold and/or own some already, just give me news and updates.
Find out how gold can help protect your savings, investments and future family budget. Gold is easily accessible: find out where. Read critical reviews of most popular gold retailers and learn how to invest in gold. You like being up-to date with the newest forecasts, significant market moves and opinions. We have the right stuff for you.
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